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The Law of Attraction

Key to The Growth that will free the Shackles of Limiting Beliefs

Opposites attract only in the sense that the person sees in that person something they want or need but perhaps do not have.

The law of attraction is as old as the universe and works for everything. It is the power of thought that acts as the focal point and the magnet that determines what we attract in our lives whether it be things, a goal, or a relationship.

The law of attraction says we become and attract what we think about most. This is not just a goal or things but could also be a personality trait. It could be depending on ourselves, a dominant trait, analytical, outgoing, or caring. Often times we are attracted to someone who has the things we may feel are missing. This is where limiting beliefs play a major role in our lives, especially if we believe we are weak in a certain area.

As we mature and achieve throughout life those traits are either gained or potentially deemed unnecessary. Those traits once thought of as missing in us and important may become less important as confidence builds and perhaps not so important in that person we had been attracted to.

There may in fact be a realization over time that there are things about the person you were attracted to that you do not like and may not be able to live with. Conversely that relationship may also grow and strengthen. There in lies the challenge and the internal struggle and if not resolved will deter future growth, stifling the creativity that lies within the soul, blocking the pathway back to one’s intuitive self, and depriving themselves and the world of greatness that could be.

Yet the law of attraction never ceases or becomes invalid as long as we are alive. We become what we think about most and the clarity of thought and the frequency that we visualize the life we seek will allow us to break the bonds, the shackles of our limiting beliefs, and the bravery to step into new beginnings.

Use the power of your mind to visualize the things you desire as if they have already happened and they are already part of your life and your being. The law of attraction will bring the right people and the things into your life transforming your vision to a new reality, one in which you are ever present.

When you are present you come back to the center of your very being, the way you were when you were but a child exploring a new world with unlimited potential. The abundance of ideas and the decisions made with a spirit free to make decisions with our god given intuition allows us to see and live the possibilities those who remain shackled in limiting beliefs only dream about.

So think about what is possibly just for a moment, think about your hopes, your dreams, and your ambitions, as if they had already occurred, and are a part of your life. How does that make you feel? Think about what is possible, focus on it, grasp it and never let it go, and you will attract everything necessary in your life to make it happen and live the life others only wish for and dream about.

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