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"The Art of Leadership"

Equine Assisted Learning


The "Art of Leadership" is designed to encourage change towards what best serves ourselves and the people we lead.

If your company is looking for an out-of-classroom experience to enhance leadership and team-building skills, this is a unique environment to accomplish just that!

In our leadership practice with horses, the horse reflects immediately (and moment to moment), how effectively (or not) we are leading them. Horses have no agenda for us, they are not impressed by our standing or status, they simply reflect back our excellence or our incongruence.

The slightest shift in our actions is acknowledged by the horse and cues us to move from ineffective leadership to highly effective and sustainable leadership practices and strategies.

Our clients report beneficial outcomes,

and reoccurring themes:

  • Increased Self Confidence

  • Strengthen Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal)

  • Clarity and Unification of Purpose (Goals)

  • Becoming Responsible and Accountable

  • 360-degree Awareness/Increased Awareness/ New Perspectives

  • Increased Efficiency, Resilience, and Presence

  • Develop Trust and Respect

  • Identifying/Developing/Flourishing Your Unique Leadership Style

  • Leadership as a “Felt” Experience

  • The Power of Shared Leadership

  • Flexible/Fluid Leadership Approaches

  • Ability to Lead in Uncertainty

  • More Effective Leaders for Our Teams

One-day leadership

live experience

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