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The Janitor

Gerry Savage and his book THE JANITOR Interview


The Janitor tells a beautiful tale we all can recognize. It reminds us that when we need wisdom, it will appear in the most unexpected and unlikely ways. Gerry's writing will have you rooting for the main character, Jack Kaneen, as he comes to life's most significant realizations through numerous brief encounters.


This book is an inspirational story that prepares you for those who allow us to see what we are missing and open our hearts to discerning destiny.

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There are countless books about sales and success, but none except The Four Pillars of Sales takes you on a real-life journey that gives you the tools necessary to reach the success you desire.


Gerry Savage eloquently weaves in his 34 years of sales experience into a unique sales process that identifies your own personality style and that of your customer. You will find yourself communicating effectively with your customers in a natural non-threatening way that finally allows you to build long-lasting relationships.

Gerry walks you through years of success and failure in a way that is honest and at times vulnerable,

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