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The Four Pillars Consulting Group provides online and personal training for sales representative’s managers and leadership in companies. We build from the ground up in three parts. First, we work with sales representatives to align their belief in themselves, their ability, and their knowledge.  Next, we strengthen their communication skills through the understanding of their own personality style and their customers. In the process, they will come to understand how to effectively communicate with people of other personality styles.

Many sales training companies portray themselves as having the answer to creating great salespeople and thereby adding revenue to the bottom line. After all, it’s about results, right. Well, that is true but what are the results? Results are not just about sales. Results are about building a long-lasting sustainable business and sustainable growth. Those things can only be built on strong relationships, relationships built on the pillars of honesty, integrity, knowledge, and genuine interest.

The Four Pillars of Sales is not a sales training program. It is a program that brings out the best in salespeople. It is a program that aligns belief in self, with the vision and belief in the company. In the end by understanding the process, the customers' personality profile, and their own, they are able to build strong long-lasting relationships that are the foundation of great salespeople and great companies.

The Four Pillars is also about leadership. Successful salespeople are successful sales leaders with experience that adds value to their company and their customers. Some of those successful dates leaders transition to leadership roles within the company. The Four Pillars program is designed to give those individuals every opportunity to succeed and grow within a accompany and to be successful in leadership roles whether that be sales or management. 

The Four Pillars is not a quick fix booster rocket that you will forget in a week or two. It is foundational. Things that are built on strong foundations with solid pillars holding up their roof are hard to topple. But it is not the only thing you will need in your house. The foundation and the pillars put a solid roof on your career and set you up to fill up that house with information for years to come so that you will be a lifelong learner. A person those in and out of your field will come to know and respect.

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